Chris Compston

My response to the ketchup bottle UX vs UI meme

We’re seeing more everyday, ‘UX vs UI’ memes.

“Very creative way to explain the diffrence between UI/UX.”

This is fundamentally wrong

What you see on the left is a product (ketchup) within a container. That container, which we can call the ‘user interface’, has been designed and built within the technological constraints of the time.

Product innovation

It took 93 years to launch the first plastic squeeze bottle and a further 19 years to achieve the bottle on the right. That’s 112 years of product and container innovation. Heinz needed to innovate their product in order for this new user interface to even work.

Has Heinz Ketchup lost its appeal?

You could argue that Heinz has lost that perception of premium quality, how many other squeeze bottle designs are there now on the shelf? The product may well be superior to their loyal customer base but do regular customers now just see a cheap plastic squeeze bottle like many others on the shelf?

Sorry, but it’s not just about the user’s experience

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Heinz (or Nestle for that matter) improve their user interface designs purely for an enhanced user experience. There will have been powerful business strategy in play here; reducing cost and time are major factors in their forecasted iterations.

To summarise

This image does not reflect the complexity or thought process a company, product manager, designer or engineer must go through to enhance the user’s experience… and crucially it displays the wrong interpretation of UI and UX.

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